The Science of Cake-Baking


So yesterday (Sunday, 23rd August) I meet this beautiful lady and I learn she is good at baking cake – whatever flavor; I struggle to reconcile this with her background in Engineering so I challenge her to bake some cake for the poet and lo! she challenges me to ‘bake a poem’…I squeeze my pen!

Hey Ms. Bett
I bet cake-baking is a science
mastered by flavoured fingers favouring wheat
with heat
from the sun flower oil
staggered in egg, sugar and maybe a flavour
and ensuring, as the dough rises, the chemistry is super
to cultivate friendship or family at breakfast or supper
with steam and scent of a delicious dessert.
It’s a science to celebrate days of our lives, anniversaries or a lover,
Yet it is an art coming in many a flavour, in many a colour
to capture the feeling of the moment, like does a flower.
I love cakes that come in your chocolate complexion
Chocolate cakes with unpopular brown sugar frosting
are healthy for my teeth and tongue, for my heart.
My saliva rolls for cakes that come with a ring of chocolate buttercream;
I will bring down an entire black forest with my blunt knife and fork
Please do not soak it with raspberry or vanilla flavour
fill it with caramel, the taste of your lips
If you have to do red velvet, do it on Valentine’s for your lover
Travel with me to the ocean, crack the coconut and mix it with peanuts
You may flavour the cake with melon or passion as long as you top it with salted caramel-icing
You could as well leave it naked, when I’m hungry I don’t get time to undress cakes
Bake it moist or dense, airy or light, but it should come in the shape of a pen
because like my poetry, your science of egg and butter, flour and sugar,
can only be exact!

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