All Lovers Know (Adipoetry Valentine’s Poem)


all lovers know
i am with you tonight
for the time I spend with you
the roses fall off voluntarily
so every lover can pick an’ feel the scent of love
on valentine’s night when roses are reincarnated
into eternal perfume of your sweetness.

all lovers know
i am with you always
for every night the roof of my sky erupts with thriving flowers
as rain of red roses falls in my heart
my lover, mix it with warm sunshine this night
and my heart shall surely glow
tonight it’s valentine’s…
give me a flute
i just found lyrics to loot
from poetry of birds twittering in the night,
the wind is a wireless musical instrument
come we dance all through.

all lovers know
i am insane
out of my mind
and deep inside your heart
where ballad of your blood nourishes my soul
i am not leaving…
if your heart becomes a desert
i will be the sand dunes.
if your heart turns into a sea
i will be the tides.
my lover, if your heart grows into a mountain
i will be its towering heights.
if your heart bursts into a sky
i will be its remote distance.
if it sinks into an abyss
i will be its unfathomable depth.
if your heart loses me
i will loosen myself.
and if your heart chooses to become a day
i will name it valentine’s.


circa 1986.


Anyango, my beloved Anyango
Come we dance to benga with tango
Anyango run we go to street parties in the city
to dance to ohangla and Ogwang’ Lelo’s nyatiti
Anyango may you open your books and read my lips
I will close my books to concentrate on your hips
Anyango what do I do with lyrics to Love Anthem?
Do I croon them or whistle them or chant them?
Would you yodel them or hum them in tears?
Or would you coo them like a dove to my ears?
Anyango would you dengo to relics of our lyrics?
Don’t you know that dengo is the pain of our dirge?
Anyango come we get away from these gimmicks
I pledge to sweeten your lips with my massage
Anyango, I vow to you, this is my singo:
Come we dance to benga with tango

Lunatic will come on its rails in early dawn
to the city in the sun before ‘85 is gone
Anyango come with me to the waking wind of ‘86
New Year will be born with Awino Lawi’s drumsticks
Big bars of Kibera will give us the plot
I’ll buy you Travolta and a red cotton coat
to match my red Bell-Bottom hugging my Platform shoes
and why wouldn’t we hold hands in the city in sundown blues?
You’ve never seen me in my suspender and my high waist
Anyango daughter of Seme come and be my lovely guest
I will make your beautiful hair glow like my Afro
Anyango wouldn’t you love to listen to Guns N Roses?
And wouldn’t you want to see D.O. Misiani crow
political songs to Jaramogi exhorting him as he opposes
Nyayo regime after the attempted coup
of August Nineteen Eighty Two?
If you love reggae we will listen to Marley’s drumsticks
Anyango come dance to liberation tunes of ‘86
I will take you to Archives and National Library
to read about Argwings Kodhek and his bravery
My beloved Anyango, I stretch my hands for our singo
New Year will shower sweet benga with tango