Rest in Peace Sally


The sun
has lost her grip
and let you slip off
into her darkness,
at sunset.
Childhood sunset was joy, laughter:
the singing of dusk, the playing of children,
the silence – the heavenly eloquence,
the sharp face of the new moon
proudly elegant, and young –
filled with spirit and energy,
the playful winking of stars,
not the tears that now cover our scars
your sunset has brought us pain
like a horrible rain
sweeping us into emotional drain
pelting us with liquid arrows
suffocating us with sorrows.
Your sunset came
just after sunrise
too early…
too soon Sally,
but the sun is a giant clock
that we can neither re-set nor stop
and below her we wallow like earthlings
for the sake of living,
for the sake of gazing into Time,
for the sake of the rising
and the setting of the sun.
The sun is a giant clock that comes without an alarm
or one whose alarm is without sound
or one whose alarm crows only at sunrise.
Your going signals our coming,
and the difference between you and us
is that you know the way –
show us the path of the sun when it sets
after her routine rising…
our memories and
our stories, are
our strength,

One thought on “Rest in Peace Sally

  1. Dear Adipo,
    Can you please send me your email address? Taban lo Liyong, now in Barcelona, has a note for you and has asked me to send it.
    All best wishes,
    Julie Wark

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