“Parliament of Owls” book launch Thursday, 17th Nov @Goethe Institut, Nairobi

It’s finally here! The launch of my poetry book Parliament of Owls that takes place this Thursday 17th November at the Goethe Institut, Nairobi beginning 6pm. This book is a collection of poems mostly written from the year 2006 to 2013. The over-arching theme is politics; with my pen, I am empowering the artist to come out and indict bad leadership fiercely and without trepidation. That is the place of the artist in the society (and this is reflected in the last part of the book (Weapenry of the Poet). This poetry is incomplete without “The Book of Love” which comes as part of the book. Love is served wholeheartedly. Poems about life and death run us through our daily existential challenges and anxieties of life. That’s what you got to find in Part III “Poems in D Minor”.

Welcome to the launch. We shall stream live on Facebook.


One thought on ““Parliament of Owls” book launch Thursday, 17th Nov @Goethe Institut, Nairobi

  1. But it was the skit based on the title poem, “Parliament of Owls”, by the University of Nairobi’s Travelling Theatre that capped it all, whetting the audience’s appetite and catapulting him into the world of playwriting. Sidang’ also performed a rap song he had co-written with Zaka of the hip-hop group Ukoo Flani at the launch.

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