For my mother Mary and all loving mothers in the world. Penned with lots of love from Sidang’

Mama was the motion of my tongue
lifted it, the very first word, I sang.
Spoken, for the very first time…
Mama was the Spoken Word.
She made ‘ta-ta’ sound so sweet
as I toddled on my feeble feet.

In the depth of Mama’s heart
was found the beautiful art
of making me laugh and smile again
e’en when hurt by my incurable curiosity.
She made ‘nyandolo’ sound so sweet
as I tiptoed in dreamland tucked in my sheet.

Mama’s arms stretched ere I could fall
when she cried her tears reversed to her soul
She was strong in the face of adversity
Always loving and living, caring and sharing.
She made ‘hello’ sound so sweet
as I muttered words to those who came to visit.

4 thoughts on “Mama

  1. Such a lovely dedication to the one and only truly important person in everybody’s life. Bless you both, dear friend.

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