If Verse Drove Me Insane Today


If today I went insane for the sake of my pen…
I would write a million poems in a million different ways
I would petrify you with my poetry
I would bombard you with my literary bomb!
I would punish you with my pun
And I would stern you with my stanzas

If verse drove me mad this moment…
I would nourish you with a liter of alliteration!
My literature would obliterate your literacy!
I would probe your problem;
and proscribe the prostitute’s promiscuous promise!
I would assimilate you in my insane similes
and similarly stimulate you with my pen’s smileys,
till you jerk in fantasy ejaculation!
Then I would have you arrested for ‘post-erection’ violence!
I would paralyze you with my paradox.

If poetry portrayed me an insane genius…
I would still act like I am sane
For I would ride with you in my syllabus of verse
to the kingdom of my pen in these woods
and I would publish your publicity!
My argument would augment your acumen!
My metaphysical metaphors would metamorphose you!
But I would abandon you in the ecology of my echo!

If poetry drove me insane today…
I would ask you to be patient,
and if you fall sick
I would hospitalize you in a mental
asylum along the next line,
just before the last stanza!

If verse vandalized my mind today,
I would ensure you succumb to my sarcasm
I would prosecute prosperity of prose-poetry
I would petition petty poetastery
and gather fake poetry for the garbage collector!
I would propose to marry you as long as I’m insane!
If I went insane today for the sake of my pen
I would still be a poet!

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