All Lovers Know


all lovers know

all lovers know
i am with you today
for the time I spend with you
the roses fall off voluntarily
so every lover can pick an’ feel the scent of love
on a valentine’s day when roses are reincarnated
into eternal perfume of your sweetness!

all lovers know
i am with you always
for every day the roof of my sky erupts with thriving flowers
as the rain of red roses falls in my heart
my lover, mix it with warm sunshine this day
and my heart shall surely glow
today it’s valentine’s…
give me a flute
i just found lyrics to loot
from poetry of birds twittering in the night,
the wind is a wireless musical instrument
come we dance all through!

all lovers know
i am insane
out of my mind
and deep in your heart
where the ballad of your blood nourishes my soul
i am not leaving…
if your heart becomes a desert
i will be the sun dunes.
if your heart turns into a sea
i will be the tide.
my lover, if your heart grows into a mountain
i will be its towering heights.
if it happens to be an abyss
i will be its unfathomable depth.
if your heart loses me
i will find myself.
if your heart chooses to become a day
i will name it valentine’s!

Love in Evening Sun

for JAN.

I remember with lots of academic love,
the evening sun, the eyeball of Jan.
I remember with much love,
the tulips of her lips, the daffodils
of her nostrils, I remember.
I do remember the rose of her nose:
long, arrow-like nose of Jan.
I remember unbuttoning her heart
like a shirt, and I remember shutting…
I do remember Jan: the tulips of her lips,
the daffodils of her nostrils, the rose of her nose
and the lilies of her limbs. I remember,
love in evening sun. I remember Jan,
with lots of academic love.