If Facebook was a Set Book


If Facebook was a set book
students would send friend requests to teachers,
and teachers to students,
then teachers and students would become ‘friends’
Classes wouldn’t be conducted in classrooms
rather from digital ‘windows’
running online…
on every student’s Timeline
Perhaps there would be a fair deadline
with ‘notifications’ to submit assignments and tests.
If Facebook was a set book
Students would ‘like’ questions posted on their Timelines
and teachers would have no option to ‘dislike’ students’ ‘replies’
Students would have a new way of doing their exam
because the exam would come
with beautiful illustrations from Instagram.
If Facebook was a set book
Parents back home would have a right to ‘comment’ on class discussions,
Students would ‘share’ their ‘status’ with their ‘friends’ from other schools
Poetry lessons would ‘trend’ on Twitter
and many a student would ‘retweet’ chapters of Facebook,
Students would have ‘140 characters’ to show their character.
In love with poetry, teachers and students
would form WhatsApp groups to relish the simile of smileys
they would chat in abbreviated language, shaking their head
or laughing out loud, or sometimes they would switch to Twitter
to ‘follow’ lessons on poetry together.
If phone books were short story set books
students would scroll up and down the alphabets
reading names of fictional characters narrated in passages
stored in short message services,
Students would save names of all characters in the set book
in memory ‘pens’ in their minds…
If indeed Facebook was a set book,
smart phones would be part of a student’s uniform
and all students would be too smart to sit any exam
…if only Facebook was a set book!