May the Philosopher Live!

I travel back in time to recover this poem etched in my life as a student pursuing philosophy, a discipline which by the day evolved into pursuit of nothingness…and now, death has robbed the community of philosophers a great academic, Professor J.M. Nyasani. He trained me to think critically and question things. In 2011, he asked me to edit for second publishing his masterpiece “Metaphysics of the Cosmos and other Related Recurrent Issues of Metaphysics” (first published in 1975). Professor Nyasani, passes on in February, 2016. 21 years ago, a tragedy befell the community of thinkers – we lost Prof. Odera Oruka. In 399 BC, the first tragedy was visited upon the community of philosophers – they fed Socrates on hemlock, found guilty of irreligion and inciting the youth. But philosophers, unlike ordinary minds, never die; they only fade away…and actually they never!


What is reality? What makes something real?
What makes reality be what it is?
Is reality really real?
Or is it a factual reflection of illusion?
These stupid questions I ask:
May the philosopher live!

Is Life cyclic or rectilinear?
If cyclic, what’s the radius upon which it spins?
Is Death its circumference?
Or is Death a tangent against the circle of Life?
If rectilinear, does it run parallel to Death?
Do you ever think there is Life after Death, i.e.,
Life after the end of Life?
Now, isn’t this perfectly irrational?
Please tell me, do you think you are a reincarnation?
Or at least you will be?
Do I look like a potential dog?
(even though men are dogs!)
These stupid questions I ask:
May the philosopher live!

Why do light and darkness contradict?
When light reigns, where goes darkness?
When darkness ousts light, to where does light escape?
And from whence did fire originate?
Could you tell me more about the philosopher’s a peiron?
Do horizons ever exist or it’s a deception by the senses?
Or is it that we deceive our senses?
These footling questions I ask:
May the philosopher live!

Really what is man?
Is he body or soul?
Or is he both?
Where is the soul in the body?
What does the philosopher call it?
Okay, whatever that is, how do you locate it?
And how did man come to be?
And the world? And the universe?
Do you think God exists, or at least existed?
If He does, is He as influential?
Did He create man or was it vice versa?
Haha! Don’t you think God is but useful fiction?
How relevant is God in Quantum Mechanics?
Come on! Science and religion? Aren’t they immiscible?
To the peripatetic minds I ask these stupid questions:
May the philosopher forever live!