Marjorie Lives On (A Tribute to Marjorie Oludhe MacGoye)


Coming to birth,
comes with words in painful labour
eyes of men be-come mute…running dry of tears
deserted with illusion of life,
coming to death…

Atieno still struggles,
Atieno yo
her freedom song sings on lips of Owiyo
Iddi, Abura and Ngwatilo Mawiyoo
and many more,
homing in like a fire-fly
to remind us
that Marjorie lives on…
Her literary light blinks like hazard lights of a fire-fly
yet filled are with distant energy of sulwe –
the big blinking stars of Gem and Southampton
Marjorie lives on…

For those who chanced to shake her hands,
kiss your palm and travel back to that very moment
to listen to how your heart played,
on your palm…
for her ink flowed in our blood,
a genuine gift to our hearts.

If you never shook hands or shared a moment,
Marjorie still lives on…
She is the soundless narrator you will meet when you come to birth
She is the poetess listening to the thoughts of your persona
Marjorie is the unspoken poem poets are struggling to find
and when they do, they will re-hearse her as a beautiful verse,
when they find Marjorie, they will pull her back to life
with a living gravity of words
when they meet Nyar-Loka, poets will compose a chorus
for Marjorie, in solidarity with Atieno…
Atieno Yes!