in my native tongue
chia is feminine beauty;
hera, love;
mwandu is good wealth;
sero, the art of seducing a woman into submission.

in my native dictionary Haweeyo,
nyadhi is pride without prejudice.
I am Luwo – a follower; a disciple of the Nile
the course she takes is my foot path;
my footsteps, the sound of her footprints.
whatever she opposes, I oppose.
my Haweeyo, when Nile falls,
I too fall, in love!
her breath quenches my thirst;
her feet carry my fate.
the Nile, Haweeyo, led me to this dry land,
to you,
to irrigate this semi-arid land of love
with sugariness
and Egyptian spices that come
with the blueness of the Nile.

Your chia, Haweeyo, brings me mwandu:
I have discovered diamonds in my heart…
come mine your diamonds.
look Haweeyo! my eyes are wet with hera,
come and cover me with your body,
come, Haweeyo, and see the Nile flow!