I wrote this poem on 22nd September 2011; in remembrance of one phenomenal woman – Dr. Margaret Ogola, author ‘The River and the Source’. I was sad – very. I thought I should share this today – International Women’s Day!

black and blank was a night’s pause
skies sure and blue were in great loss
stars slept frightened by looming gloom.
in tragic tides struggled the sad ship,
dancing sullen songs of dream and sleep.
soon bloody blizzards would bloom
the ship stared at the water depth:
half covered; half uncovered with wreath.
an’ now so sad lullabies are sung –
sung by gods, sung by beasts
in slumber land – does she dream of slumber?
the shattered ship struggles ashore
but tears well! but wells dry!
hadn’t they longed to retrieve the ship?!
Glossy gloom; darkness and doom;
–is the lefto’er of a man and a lake,
of a river and her source!