Love is a Ring!

my universe has no sun when you sleep
your snore is the translation of the programmed
motion of random characters shifting into a poem…
i am your lifetime poet!
wake up…
and behold your arrow in the heart of my feelings,
with the impetus of a cupid bow…
and lo! my tears make the clouds heavy,
the bulls of Kakamega cry!
Naliaka, love is a ring!

the equator does not lie….that you are hot
the heat of the equator made you dark and beautiful
in my dreams i see you in motions of flowers and reality…
in the sound recording of laughter of lovers
you give me words…and power!
i am a knight…
words are synonymous with swords;
swords with words…but for the S!
Adhiambo, love is a ring!

woman of my eye,
i am a warrior but I have a heart
kiss me and watch my breastplates fall to the ground
you only shall protect me…
with your Kitui charm!
Mwende, love is a ring!

I shall not offer you pyramids or plazas
i inherited humility…
if you love pottery or poetry,
i got a fetish for clay and words,
my promise is premised on my previous kiss!
Wambui, love is a ring!

the coastal wind whirls around your waist
it is time for chakacha dance
i listen to tempo of songs of your nativity
under the new moon…
untangle yourself in African tango
unchain your soul…
you are the beauty of my balance
gravity comes home when your lips land on mine!
Fatuma, love is a ring!

you stirred the sugary part of my heart
real sugar is found in your eyes…
in the taste of Borabu bananas.
look down to the lake…
i am hunting fish in Lolwe
daughter of the hills
Lolwe is coming to meet your eyes!
Kwamboka, love is a ring!

love is a marathon…
run with me to the rope
the gold in my heart is yours
and the gold in your heart becomes mine.
of the golds we shall make medals
of the medals we shall weave rings!
Cherop, love is a ring!

i am not a moran…
but my arms are spears
to shield you from tears
i am a nomad wandering in your heart
you are a nilot of the plains,
and i, of the river and the lake
may i call the river to flow upon the plains?
Resiato, love is a ring!